Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of use shown here (hereinafter referred to as the”Terms of Use”) set forth the terms between Ripoff List (hereinafter referred to as the “We/ Ripoff List/ Ripoff List”) and users (hereinafter referred to as the”User”or”Users” depending upon context) of any services or features of Ripoff List, which are provided by Ripoff List.

  1. Ripoff List is only a platform for users to post their complaints and reviews about any company or personal issue. Ripoff List always assumes that the users have a positive intent in writing their complaints and reviews.
  2. Complaints posted on Ripoff List are only the personal opinion of users, and do not represent the opinions of Ripoff List. We are not responsible for the information posted by users on Ripoff List, as we do not and cannot review every message posted by users on Ripoff List.
  3. The users who post their complaints, reviews or comments on Ripoff List, are solely responsible for the same, as the complaint, review or comment will be posted on Ripoff List for public view.
  4. We neither check or edit reviews/ complaints or comments posted by users on Ripoff List nor investigate them for accuracy.
  5. We are not responsible to help the users to resolve their complaints. On Ripoff List users help themselves by posting their complaints or reviews on Ripoff List and to send their message to any business/ company or individual through world wide web.
  6. Under any circumstances Ripoff List will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone’s reliance on information or any other content posted on Ripoff List.
  7. Posted complaints, reviews or comments may be indexed by internet search engines like google, yahoo etc. We can not be held responsible to remove the results crawled by search engines.
  8. Users may receive e-mail messages from others users resulting from posting your complaint, review or comment on Ripoff List.
  9. Ripoff List does not knowingly allow users to post incorrect or false information, whatever is posted, it is the responsibility of the user who is submitting the information on Ripoff List.
  10. All trademarks, logos, images, product names and brands are property of their respective owners.
  11. Ripoff List reserves the right to amend any or all of the above policies, guidelines and disclaimer without notification.

Removal of Information:

  • Users are suggested to check the content carefully before submitting it to the Ripoff List. After publishing the content on Ripoff List, users will not be able to remove/ edit the content. However, in case your issue is resolved, you can mark your complaint as “Resolved” through your dashboard.
  • We reserve the right, but are not obligated to remove any complaint, review or comment from Ripoff List.
  • In case any review or comment contains any profanity, obscenities, threats of physical violence or private financial information such as social security numbers and credit card information, you can submit your request through the Content Removal Form Here, we’ll remove the same immediately from Ripoff List.
  • In other cases, if we receive any court order for removing any content from Ripoff List, we’ll remove the same from Ripoff List immediately.
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