Brian Keith Blalock — Bald, Broke and Back to Jail from Chicago

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De Brian claims to own businesses and oil wells but the only thing this dirtbag owns is a one way ticket back to jail. Ladies he will spin you some song about how he is waiting for someone to send money to cover a deal and that he just needs money to buy this new machine and take your money and run. Watchout cause baldie’s bank account is as bare as the top of his ugly head.

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  1. This guy just gave me a $61,000 check and took my 289d caterpillar skid steer and gave me the run around for weeks and I had to get the police involved. He got arrested and went to jail tonight, Oct 12, 2021. This guy is a piece of scum, he lied to me time after time and I highly recommend watching out for this guy. He’s a top tier con artist, BEWARE!!!!!

    1. Where did this occur? -Fellow Victim

    2. As a former girlfriend back in Texas, I lived with Brian and he is VERY good with what he does. He’s a true Con Artist and does not give a **** about what he does or who it harms. He got me too and owes me money. Unfortunately, you will probably never see any money recovered but hopefully, you can recover your equipment. He bought/rented several trailers and took the trackers off of them. Like an idiot, I ignored the initial red flags because he has a “great” personality. When people started showing up at our door, including the IRS, I had then realized what I was dealing with. My best advice is to reach out to Parker County in Texas with whom he is still on parole with. They know his name VERY well. Tarrant County would be your second bet. This guy should have never been released out of prison and has a SERIOUS problem. Best wishes! There’s probably at least 100 that got screwed because of this ***.

      1. So sorry to hear. He’s a scumbag and glad he’s in jail again.

    3. I want to confirm he’s in jail again. Please update which state and county he supposedly went to jail in. I want to see the inmate listing of him.

  2. Danny Hoots,
    Where is he jailed? Now I know why I have not heard any excuses/stories from him recently. The latest was that he was waiting on a SBA loan and would then pay me.

    1. Wake County, NC. With Extradition/Fugitive Charges in other state. He’s going to be in jail for a long time.

  3. Yes and I was one of the ones he got. He advertised a Cat loader which I had a customer for. Wired him $40,000 and never seen the equipment. It was excuse after excuse, after excuse until it was like there’s no way someone could make this stuff up. He finaly agreed to pay back, but of course the check he fed-ex us was no good. Luckly I sent in a buddy of mine from Chicago (where this took place) to inspect, took video’s and was able to identify him by that once I found out I was scammed. Being this was wired funds and fed-ex was involved it is federal. So if he does get out in the Carolina’s hopfully the feds lock his *** up for a long time as charges were pressed and they are waiting for him !

  4. You should all be reaching out to Ben Weller of the US Postal inspector’s office. He is the lead investigator.

    Benjamin Weller

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