Brianna Darwin – Toronto, Canada

So who heard the TRUTH going around in the streets bout this two-timin snake !?? Catch this girl running thru the 6 with her woes of smashing & being passed along to the next. I used to be real close with her until my cousin links me to tell me how he heard ah dat she had been smashing one of the guys from the block we was raised in & they were supposedly dating like our homie was wildin over this new shawty …. and I swear not even a week or so later (this past weekend) while I’m out in Sauga, I see this H.* (Cause that’s what I’m finna call her from now on) looking raggedy as H**L posted up with some live n+)*a***s sucking face with from what I could see ………2 females AND SOME CRUSTY looking ***IG** doing the most like how am I supposed to tell our homeboy about this she puts up a front and act innocent when she stays acting extra for anyone showing FAT pockets in the club or at the afterparty … SORRY NOT SORRY I PREFER TO DISTANCE MYSELF FROM THIS RECKLESS BEHAVIOR OF HERS **** BEWARE FELLAS! You CANT turn a ….. into a HOUSEWIFE !!!! This one you best leave her alone, you cant be seen embarrassing yourself calling yourself her man clearly she got them by the boatload and she travels all over so I would assume she got bros for every area code …. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT take this one home to ur mama ….. FAIL !!! This girl not for you … OR YOU! SHE FOR THE WHOLE TEAM!

2 thoughts on “Brianna Darwin – Toronto, Canada

  1. This was the most incoherent rant of garbage I have ever heard. Stop spending your time on sites like these and complete your education.

    You’re incredibly sad to have invested this much time into a person to try and damage their character speaks volumes about you.

    She’s doing incredibly well and is thriving so take your stupid comments and thoughts back to the sewer where you belong.

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