Alexandra Leone — Stds

Man disguised as a ugly woman. Gets men intoxicated enough with blurred vision to not clearly see the operational *** change or smell the infested sexually transmitted diseases. Freak enjoys harassing and stalking men in relationships especially whom have children. Beware of this disgusting Italian escort! — Scam extortion site

This site copies and pastes content from other sites and reposts them on their site for the some purpose of extorting money from you to remove the posts that they themselves posted to their site. The BIGGEST rip off is from the webmaster of this site, an extortionist. DO NOT POST ON THIS SCAM SITE

Ripofflist — Posting Mike Grawberger

The post on Mike Grawberger was originally made on the It was made by me Tammy Galloway. This post on your site was not submitted by me. The statements I made about Mike Grawberger are untrue, hurtful & damaging. Mike Grawberger, his family & family business is suffering from what I posted. It’s my […]

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