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This is Chris Galpin of Edmonton, all 110 pounds of him soaking wet. This guy is very tough online. Watch out. But in real life, he is a coward. He’s never been in a fight against a man, but he loves to beat women. He was even charged with rape, but there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. I heard he got caught peeping on his own sister when he was a kid. His ex-girlfriend Katie left him because she caught him paying for floozies and she found a real man. Chris’ current girlfriend Pam must be a real loser to be with him. It’s only a matter of time before she leaves him too. Chris is a low IQ ironworker when he’s employed. De most of the time he’s collecting unemployment or trying to scam people online. He does hard drugs since they leave your system faster and he gets tested randomly at work. I’m not bashing ironworkers, but they have a stereotype of being drug-addicted women beaters and Chris Galpin is definitely that! Pam, run for your **** life.

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  1. Thank *** somebody finally posted this *******. I went on a date with him once a few years ago. When the night ended, he made a move and I pulled back. He got very angry and forcefully grabbed me. If I didn’t jump out of his car that night, I am sure I would’ve been raped.

    1. Matthew Galpin posting his brother yet again. Commenting under random names. LOL. pathetic

    2. That same thing happened to me. Chris blames his brother for everything. Chris Galpin is mental

      1. Pathetic attempt. Pathetic

      2. Not hard to see who is pretending to be all these people commenting 😂🙄 Try harder Matty

  2. Let’s see how you like being bullied online. This guy is a ******* goof. Pam, smarten up. You can do better.

    1. Ok Matt lol.

  3. Holy sh*t Alicia. My story is identical to yours! Chris Galpin did the exact same thing to me. What a creep. This guy must be stopped

  4. Used to work with this guy at Local 720. Nobody liked him. Total *****. We never let him sit with us at lunch and he told the superintendent on us. Total clown

    1. hahahahah wtf kind of insult is that? rofl. chris throws lunch trays

  5. Complete loser. He called his mom the C word once and I beat the ever loving **** out of him in front of his mom. She didn’t care lmao

    1. “HE called his mother the C word” but “I” beat the **** out of him ….. hmmmmmm. This must be Matt, right Jake? Ooopsy daisy. LOL

    2. So Jake. You just happened to be hanging out the house when this happened and took it upon yourself to white knight and beat up Chris?


      Matt REALLY needs to think about these lies before he posts them.

      We are all reading this from your posting on ripofflist Matthew.

  6. omg this guy is sick. His brother told me that when they were kids he caught Chris drilling a hole in the wall to see his sister naked. That’s some next level stalker ****. His brother Matt made something of himself in crypto and has a lot of friends from his dispensary which drives Chris insanely jealous. Chris hasn’t grown up at all. It seems like Chris has gotten more immature as time went on. Very sad

    1. It was Matt who drilled the hole and his sister found it. He tried blaming it on Chris and it didn’t work. Matt’s ex-friends all know the story because he used to brag and laugh about it. Matt has gone nowhere in life. He has never had a job and doesnt own anything but a ****** car and he is embarased his brother actually made something of him. Not just made up stories on the internet that Matt fabricates to cover the fact he is a serious psyhopath. He is trying to to repair things with his family but his sister and brother want nothing to do with him. Gee. I wonder why

  7. This guy is the worst lay ever. He’s also very demanding and degrading to women. Worst mistake swiping right on this d0uche

  8. I work with Chris at 720 building the new Amazon warehouse. I can assure you nobody likes him. He’s a racist loudmouth. I know people planning to beat him down

  9. Chris Galpin. You sexually assaulted my little sister 3 years ago. I won’t stop until I find you. Somebody please help me find him. Email:

  10. ***** this guy again. He used to set up Instagram pages pretending he was a grow up, then scam people for wholesale. BMO bank shut down his bank account once. Complete tool. He will get his

  11. The ketamine part is true lmao I can vouch for that

  12. I was talking to this guy on Plenty of Fish a few weeks ago. Told me he has a girlfriend and has to be discreet. Pure scum

  13. These are very very old photos of Chris taken from a post from TheDirty made years ago by his brother. Same pics. Same post. Same way Matt talks. It’s absolutely pathetic he is so envious of his brother he keeps on trying to bully him online but won’t face him in real life. This post came weeks after Matt was exposed online on this site by a group of women whom he had harassed on his IG, in which they took screenshots and blasted him to the public. He is all over Facebook groups warning women of him and it’s not surprising he goes after Chris in retaliation. He cowers and runs when Chris calls him out. He has done so several times but Matt just hides. He won’t face anyone in real life unless they are a woman because he is a true incel internet troll with no real *****. Cowardly and scared for his own reputation. None of this posting is true. It’s laughable at best. Matt comments under random names to make the victim of the post look like theres people coming forward. He has done this previous friends and girls who have had the unfortunate pleasure of dating Matt. And women who have rejected Matt have suffered severe wrath more so than being posted on a bullying site. He is a virus that won’t go away. Lives on the internet and bullies people non stop. Don’t believe any of this ****. I’ve been friends with Chris for 5 years and know him very well. Give it up, Matt. Stop being jealous of your bro.

  14. Chris raped my sister in 2017 after they met on Plenty of Fish. I’ve been looking for him everyday since. He’s done.

  15. LMAO. funny how Matt is trying so hard to post all these comments under different names. You can tell its him commenting. Loser

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