Gabriela Rozalia Reviews & Complaints: Fake Backstabbing c**t

you’ve probably heard of this disgusting looking ferret because everybody in Kelowna and more knows of her. If you don’t this is Gabriela Rozalia. There is so much wrong with this poor girl but I’ll keep it simple. If you think she seems nice and are thinking of becoming friends with her, don’t. She is the FAKEST ***** I’ve ever met. She will use you and pretend to be friends with you just to get close with you and stab you in the back. She LOVES drama and everything always has to be about her, if she’s bored she’ll start drama about other people. Do you really want to be friends with someone like that? She can’t keep a relationship and flirts with everyone. Cheated on her girlfriend and f*cked a dude and had a pregnancy scare. But don’t ever think she will admit it because she won’t. So many people have dirt on this *****. It’s okay one day everyone will see her for who she really is 🤡

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