Frequently Asked Questions

How to Submit a Complaint on Ripoff List?

It is very simple to post a complaint on Ripoff List, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “Submit Complaint” button in top of website.
  2. On the Submit Complaint Page, enter your Name, Email ID and other details.
  3. And Write your complaint in detail, minimum 300 words, for better response.

Note: Do not share your confidential information in complaint like PAN Number, Aadhar No., Bank Account or Credit/ Debit Card Details etc.

I have submitted a Complaint/ Comment, but it is not appearing on the Ripoff List, Why?

Once you have submitted your Complaint or comment on Ripoff List, it may sometimes be reviewed by admin, and will be posted as soon as possible on website for public.

How to contact other users or company on Ripoff List?

You can contact any user or company by clicking on “Send Message” button in the profile of any user/ company.

My complaint has been resolved. Now what should I do?

If your complaint has been resolved, you can update your complaint as “Marked as Resolved” through your Ripoff List Login Area.

I have received a Phone Call/ SMS/ Message/ or Email from Ripoff List, What should I do?

Ripoff List never makes phone calls anybody for any concern, never sends SMS or any Message to anybody for any concern.

Ripoff List only send specific emails like Welcome Email, Ripoff List Registration Email, Reset Pasword Email.

We never send email to our users related to below:

  • Personal Details of User like residence address
  • Bank Account Number
  • PAN Number/ Aadhar Number/ Mobile Number
  • Lottery Amount/ Any other Amount
  • Any finalcial Issue… So Be Alert from Scammers!

How much should I have to pay for resolving my complaint?

Ripoff List or any of its agent Never Charge Any Fee from users for resolving any complaint. If anybody asks for any payment from you for resolving any issue, you should inform to police or cyber crime branch immediately.

How to find out the Contact Information of the Complaint Author/ Ripoff List User?

We do not provide or leak any personal details of our users to third parties. However, if you want to contact any Ripoff List’s user, you can send him private message through his profile.

How to delete my complaint/ comment posted on Ripoff List?

Check our content removal policy Here

How to contact Ripoff List Support Team?

You can Contact Ripoff List Support Team by using this Page.

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