Florida Beach Rentals — Bedbugs

I moved into this apartment about 3 months ago. I have 2 daughters which one started getting these bites which doctor said was bedbugs. I notified the landlord but they brushed it off. Now apartment next door complained so they sent in bug people and sure enough they are so bad that you can see them. They sprayed and wanted us to throw out all of our furniture. I can’t afford new furniture. we have so many bites that we are scared. I did not have them in my prev. apartment and I seeked medical advice and been treating bites. Now the landlord says they are coming back in 30 days and if bugs are still here they are kicking all tenants out and letting apartments stay empty to let bugs die. iI can’t afford another deposit on new apartment pus utility deposits. I have two kids and work part time and living pay check to pay check. Help what can I do?

Florida Beach Rentals
516 Mandalay Ave
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767-1706
(727) 288-2020

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