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Jill Osier who also goes as Jillian Walsh or even Jill Huish… whatever catfish name she is choosing at the time… she is a manipulative, psychotic, sociopathic, narcissistic, meth addict, child abusing, animal abusing, complete drunk of a homewrecker! She **** 3VERYONES husbands and boyfriends!! She is a serial stalker and absolutely BATSH1T crazy!! She is FAT as *** and UGLY as **** so I have no idea how she bates these married men…. maybe she drugs their drinks….idk…. She smells like a homeless person and rotting fish. Her teeth are **** yellow and rotting. She has liver patches all over her far bloated face yet SOMEHOW our husbands are STILL sleeping with her!!! She NASTY white poor TRASH!!! She also looks like a drag queen!!!

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  1. This b i s h is my biological egg doner and she is the most mentaly verbaly physicaly abusive brain washing, drug addict, alcoholic that walks this earth!! She cares only about herself and i we know this because SHE WON’T JUST LEAVE US BE!!! When your ADULT children say stop stalking, **** out and haven’t spoken a single word to you in over 8 years you should respect that and dip out for good!! Its over jill!!! We will NEVER have ANYTHING to do with you!! You are NOT our mom!! Stay far the **** away from our wives, husbands and especially our CHILDREN!!! You will NEVER know them!!! We would NEVER put them in danger by introducing you psycotic abusive *** to them! So back off!! Don’t follow our employers facebook pages you psycho!! Quit digging for information on us!! Obviously we don’t want you knowing anything about us!! You have no right to bother us any more we are ALL adults and have ALL made our minds that you are dead to us! So go!! Go find another chump who will marry your drunk *** and mentally torment him and his kids… cuz you aint doing that to us ever again!!

    1. Wow! She really has kids!! I honestly never believed her story about having kids because of everything she said about you guys was dreadful!!! She .makes YOU KIDS look as if YOU are the crazy ones!!! And I figured no mother could possibly talk that horrible about there own children so I figured she made you all up!!!! That’s crazy!!! Your mom IS CRAZY!! AND she is probably crazier then the last time you saw her I’m thinking because she is baaaaaaaaaad!!!!

  2. Yep 3 of us actually. She HAD 3 kids if were being technical cuz we divorced her alcoholic child abusing *** along time ago!! she’s nothing more than an egg doner in our lives. We were raised by our dad and our actual mom that isn’t a mom by blood but we beleive she was meant to be our mom we just had to wait awhile for her to come into our lives. My counselor told me that the universe brings people into your life at certain times for a reason and she came into our lives when we were at the worst stages of Jills alcoholism, her blackout nightly drinking binges and the verbal emotional and physical abuse jill was putting us through was out of control. When we told our dad everything jill had been doing to us for years we knew what was going to happen and it did jill made our lives ****!! She was always harassing us with hundreds messages a day in texts and in facebook messages and threatened us constantly and told us what **** kids we were how she wished we were never born how our grandparents always hated us all sorts of ****. She would get drunk when she was married to our stepdad at the time and tey to convince us she was pregnant with our real dads baby. First of all jill has been fixed forevwr so she can’t have moew baby’s and second my dad wouldn’t sleep with another guys wife and do the same thing jill did to my dad to chris because jill had many many many affairs when she was married to my dad. She evwn took us to the houses of some of thoae guys plopped us infront of a tv and went and had *** in another room where So we could actually here them having ***. And we were really little when she did this!! She would have the guys over at our house to and take them to her and my dads bedroom when he was at work. Told us if we told our dad he would leave and never come back and we would never heqr from again. So we never told him because she brainwashed us thinking we would never see him again!! This is the type of crule person she is!! really don’t care about jill at all. No love at all don’t miss her one bit. She makes us all sick actually. We will never reach out to her ever. Not even if she’s old and a dying old woman we will never see her again or talk to her again and that is the honest to *** truth!!! She’s psyco and all her friends that messege us are psyco her siblings that messege us for her are psyco and the cousins that do jills dirty work and those ones know who they are are also psyco!!! So yeah jill is nothing to us. So technically she HAD kids like in past tense she DOES
    NOT HAVE kids!! Oh and if she tells you shw has grand kids she for fu****g suew doea not. Are kids will NEVER meet that woman or call her a grandmother. Rhwy willl only know of her as the psyco alcoholic they need to scream stranger danger if they ever see her cuz if they see hee it means she waa stalking and following them to run into them and if she goea near any of our kids there will be one **** of a problem!!!

    1. She’s still like everything you explained she was!!! She is good friends with one of my good friends and she is so insanely possessive of her life and life choices but had the audacity to turn around and completely sh•• on her name and talk sh•• about my friends kids too!!! Because I think she is jealous of my friends close relationship with her kids!!!!
      She sits there and tells our other friends that because my friend and her kids are so hippie that they don’t shower enough and smell which is not true. And just criticizes everything about them behind there backs!!! She’s said worse about my friend especially about her separation to her husband but I’m not going to write about all that because it’s so bad!!! Jill’s two faced and neither face is kind!!! She uses everyone including men!!! Watching her use a man right now in fact!!!! To bad he is to hung up on her to see that she’s talking and texting other men too!!!! Sad!!!!

  3. Oh Wow!!

  4. proved herself yesterday that shes incapable of change and HER not MY psycotic cuz are nasty fu!!ing obsessed dumb as f!!k losers!! sending messages yesterday from a little kids facebook account who is to young to have one anyway so parenting fail bi!ch!! the only evel peice of sh!ts are you guys not us!!! and jill has called us that same thing as kids many fuc!!!g times growing up so calling us that again really isnt a suprise!!!!! jill needs to grow the **** up and leave us the **** alone and so does her little troll mini!!! keep having jill as your idol and your going to end up with your kids hating you like we do jill cuz incase you didnt now kids don’t like having crazy parents cuz its embaresing AF!!! jill why don’t you do us 3 a favor and just stop messaging or having your troll do it for you cuz nobody got time for your childish sh!! anymore!! get a clue!!! WE HATE YOU AND FOR REASONS LIKE WHAT YOU SENT YESTERDAY!!!! i don’t no if it was your troll or yourself meseging us but i do notboth you psycos were in on it and it doesnt even matter because your mesage and calling us names and telling us to f!!k off and calling us dickheads and evil and pieces of ***** made all us who read it and if you send 1 of us a mesesege we all read it cuz we text it to each other you dumfuks and it makes us realize more just how insane you both are and how you still are out to mentaly abuse us after like 7 or 8 or more years of refusing to speak to you made it that much easier for us to stick to are desision of NEVER speaking to you crazy’s ever again!!! i almost decided to give you the benifit of the dout and was thinking about finding a way to mesege you jill for closure after MY MOM said it might help me get over the anger i have from all the abuse, name calling and psycologacal torture you did to me to US!!! and that maybe if i talked to you just once that mabe you would stop harasing us if i gave you the opertunity to say what you need to say!!!!! but nope i don’t need that closure for sure now and definitely dont even want to give eather of you crazy b!!ches the chance to say what you want to say cuz you already did it in another ****** up mesege to us!!! now i could care that much more less about you!!!! you literaly make us sick!!!!
    go act like needy little psyco children somewear else because we dont give to fu!!s about you!!! And keep our own babiess out of your mouth!!! Thats were you really f!!ked up by speaking of them in your message you stalking obsessed psycos!!!!!! how you going to put the name of a inocent little baby in a disgusting messege to us??? who the fu!! does that!!! only psyco abusive people do thats who!!!! so keep our kids out of your mouths cuz they got nothing to do with this or you psycos and never will!!!! why would we ever let are kids go around anyone that is like you!!! you all need serios mental help!!!! sad you dont see how crazy everyone else sees you are!!!! get a lifes!!! way to much time on yer hands to stalk and send disgusting mesegaes to us!!!! dont contact us again and we woulda responded to your meseges insteadbof on the internet if you guys wernt so ******* to block us so we couldnt respond!!!ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    1. One things for sure…. she definitely goes from being your friend to hating your guts and provoking drama in your life if you don’t partake in her backstabbing or help her harass people by letting her use your personal social media to look up prople that have her blocked or because she wants to friend request or send them nasty messages acting like it’s us sending them!!! The minute you tell her no or tell her she’s out of control and taking things way to far she friggin snaps on you!!! She has said nothing nice about me to other’s since and frankly to my face since I finally told her no and that she’s seriously taking things way to far and stepping over the line with a lot if what she is doing to some of her own family members, old friends, ex husbands, ex husbands girlfriends, and her old step and biological kids!! I wish I hadn’t, because I already had seen numerous times her turn on friends that criticized what she does to those people!! And just like those old friends that called her out and said no to her she did the same **** to me and turned on me to!! What a great friend she is…….. NOT!!!
      I’m 200% done with her! I’ve had enough!!! Jill is exhausting and she has been acting erratic and insane more so these past few months than ever before! At least since I have known her!!! She’s definitely been doing most all the things people write about what she’s done or does but always tells or told us she has never done or isn’t doing!!! And she hid it well for awhile and then slowly started showing what she’s really like, then now she is full throttle l6ising her **** mind and is absolutely out of control!!!! She needs mental help or something…. if that would even help. I honestly believe she is beyond help and to far gone on planet mars to change her ways!!!!

      1. Jills a ugly mess!!! She just keeps getting more and more nuts!!! She was pulling it together for a bit I think to keep from losing another relationship because her boy toys don’t seem to be able to stick with it and by nobody’s fault but her own! She drives them all crazy eventually and totally puts these boyfriends into a horrible slump of depression because they end up feeling stuck knowing what she’s done to the other exes!!! They don’t want to be the next ex boyfriend accused of beating on her or be the next ex she stalks and harasses for the next 50 years of there lives!!! She has a pattern and they ALL at first take the charming innocent act!! At first Jillian/Jill hides her crazy bipolar and her raging alcoholism and everything else she’s got wrong with her. She even showers and brushes her teeth the first few weeks of the relationship!!! Then the real deal shows up and they are stuck with a crazy bi– who drinks waaaaay to much, smells like a homeless drunk, and acts like a complete and utter maniac!!!
        These poor men!!!!

      2. Yes I totally agree, but how do you know that for sure? Are you seeing it personally or are you just adding to more un-true information from this website. I think people are just making things ups to make Jill look crazy. I know her and she isn’t anything like people are writing about.

        1. totaly agree but totally disagree with how she is because you know her? are you still drunk posting about yourself jillian walsh????? acting like someone else and making no sense still??? Your still so pathetic!!! Didnt you write a post last year about how dumb one of us were and shouldve graduated highscool instead of getting pregnent?? Still remember that and still have that post in a picture you rude drunk!!! You try to constantly lie about how you never did and never would mentally or physically abuse your kids but you STILL do by calling us dumb and **** still in your posts or coments you STILL put us down and if you already forgot about the messages sent out derectly to us just last saturday calling us evil peaces of *****, **** heads, and telling us to **** off when we don’t message you **** EVER well that just proves what a abusive mother you really were!!! and how you try to provoke us to lash back out at you and your crazy little wannabe crazy troll that you convinsed you are such a victem when you are NOT!!! you both actually suck pretty bad and your messages you send sound like a little kid wrote them because you both are way dumber than you say anyone else is!!! Not to mention you both just sound mental like you are!!! why continue to send us messeges when we are absolutely done with you and all of you??? There is no changing that ever!!! You destroyed the relationship being a mother YEARS ago and you destroyed any chances of your family having a relationship with us by having them send us nasty things over and over again for all these years for you!!!! Get it through your heads will you!!! STOP bothering us!!! Erase us from your little pea sized psycotic heads and just go the *** away!!! No more sending us messeges anymore!!! We are fuking SERIOUS!!!!

  5. Shut up stupid…… she’s all that and more nothing is un true its all completly true and you know it is JILL!! and you agree with what??? do you agree its your stupid sick as f!!!! *** posting your comment hmmm? you cant even be honest about who the **** you are your nothing but a lying nobody that nobody likes!!! you are literaly worthless do you hear me??? YOU ARE WORTHLESS!!! you abusive sick as *** alcaholic nobody!!!

    1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 good for you for shaming that crazy bat sh#* crazy fu#@ed up evil spawn

      1. I wouldn’t call the truth necessarily shaming her especially fors someone like Jill who has absolutely no remorse, guilt, or shame for everything she’s done or does!! She believes she’s done nothing wrong because she’s a narcissist and believes everything she does is her *** given right!!!

  6. I’ve kept this to myself for 2 minths since one of my guy friends told me about this but sometime before Thanksgiving he met Jill down at the Devil’s Gultch Trail Head he was going to go “help” her look for her missing cat or dog or some animal that probably was running for it’s dear life…. and she literally sucked him off in his truck. She always flited with him and has always tried to get him to go out to the bar or something to get him alone and she finally did and gave him the worst blowy if his life!! And when he wouldn’t nut in her mouth she tried to get him to gave *** in the truck and he was like nah I’m good… he wasn’t about to see or smell that woman’s nasty ******!!! Or see her fat *** without pants!!!!

    1. You mean she’s cheating on a guy she’s using for money and housing?? Shocking!!! LOL!! Not really…. it’s not shocking at all!!! She’s already just a hair away from saying he’s domestically violent just like all the other men!!! Every time her and him are in a argument or he’s sleeping and she’s still awake drunk texting people or on facebook messenger talking about how she’s in such a bad position with him and she doesn’t know what to do blah…yada…. bullshit…. then boom 1pm the next day when the alcohol finally has wore off and she hasn’t started her next bender yet she doesn’t even talk about what she messeged whoever all ******* night long because I think she is does it in a blackout and is embarrassed of how stupid she fu*&ing sounds when she sees what she wrote to people!!! I’m sure he already is very aware of most the sh** she says and does he’s not a stupid man by any means. But I don’t think he realizes how used he is being by her. I think he genuinely believes she loves him and doesn’t see that he’s just another guy she seeked out and chise out if the others because he is a nice guy!!! And she knows the nice ones will take the sob story if I can barely afford to live I’m going to have to move back where my family lives and all that ****…. so like the others, just like Jason S. he feels he has to help!!! The fact is the woman has **** f*@%*!% credit to the point she can’t even get a payday loan or even rent a car in her name!!! She can’t save money for her life, she spends every cent on alcohol, beauty products that ain’t working cuz she’s still yuk, sill ugly and looks way older then she is!!! Spends tons of money on food to keep her massive coat of flubber nice and squishy so she can wear her tank tops all year round showing off those fat gigantic shoulders and arms she has I won’t even get on the topic of those 30 lb fat ******* that look are practically down to her knees!!! She looks transgender like she was born a man and transitioned into a female!!! She has man bone structure in her face, little beety eyes that are to close together, a giant forehead that she should cover with bangs, and fat man broad and fat shoulders and arms!!! And a manly beer gut!!!! But you get the picture!! Aside from her daily declining looks she is a cheater and a user!!! That’s my piint and my opinion of her!!! Agree or disagree that is what I personally have witnessed and came to know her as over the last couple of years!!! I too was friends with her, and technically we still do talk and she still for whatever reason every so often tells me about her made up problems or her fantasy life!!! The only difference us I usually won’t respond or engage because I know it’s **** and I don’t want 100 more messages from her all night long because I was dumb and responded to her!!! I don’t hate her I just don’t like her as a person at all anymore!!! I don’t hangout with people that are shady and so dishonest and so full of sh%& all the time!!! But I hope maybe some day she’ll actually just chamge and I hope she stops using her man becausehe doesn’t deserve to be used and definitely doesn’t deserve to be trashed on and lied about when she’s having one if her tantrums!!! He actually helps her out A LOT!!!!! Without him I am pretty certain she’d be f&%$@d and probably living in a $100 a month meth hiiker motel or a moldy disgusting trailer because she can’t pass a credit check for a nicer apartment or can’t aford rent cuz she blows her money in a few days!!!!! So with ALL this being said…… these are not just rumors I hear these are things I have seen or she has wrote or told me!!! So don’t come at me saying I am believing untrue gossip this **** is straight from Jill’s mouth!

    2. It was her cat!! OMG I KNEW she was going to try and hook up with him when she said she was going to meet him!!! She told him she didn’t want to go there alone to look for her cat because it could be dangerous!!!! Eye roll!!!!!

  7. I don’t know this person i am just a reader on these websites but is this a boy named jill? She looks looks transgender like a man that grew his hair long. Serious question!

    1. I’m family she was born female but her ugly heart and soul eventually just seeped out to her flesh and made her an utterly ugly whole person!!! She used to think she was cute as could be now she’s just an overweight alcoholic that nobody trusts!!

      1. Wow, even her own family can’t stand her.

  8. Just the family that have had her do ugly dirty things to us and don’t believe a bit of her ****!! Unfortunately there’s a few that don’t really believe her but feel sorry for her because she fried her brain with booze and uses bipolar as a cop-out and they continue to feed her ego !!

  9. Oh trust me her boyfriends friends and family are getting quite a large dose if what a batshit crazy ***** Jill is!!! She ain’t flyin under the radar anymore!!! Crazy has definitely made its appearance!!!

    1. Yeah…we saw that last night as now the bars are starting to open. She went batshit last night. I feel sorry for her friends and boyfriend. She got so bad her boyfriend/ live in had to pick her sorry *** off the bar floor. She kept repeating..” I’m ok, I’m ok, your an ***, I’m having fun”. ” leave me alone”. His friends were appalled and left. I watched in sadness as my friend lost her **** and her boyfriend all in the same night. She needs help! She has hit rock bottom. I dont think she will ever overcome her loss. Such a bag of **** who doesn’t know what good is.

      1. ……. you haven’t even seen the worst of it!! That is not her rock bottom that is the way she has been since she was in her late 20’s. Now imagine being a small child watching that **** when she came home from the bar and taking it out on her kids violently!!! That is all anyone has been saying!!! Believe the KIDS and STOP condoning her psychotic behavior or putting more children in her care anymore!!! She’s literally a abusive batshit crazy drunk!!! Always has been!!! People like her do not change she can’t admit fault!!!!

      2. Overcome her loss???LMAO!!! Her loss of what? Her f uking sanity? Bish lost that sh”t forever ago!! But if you are talking about her kids… then that’s the problem RIGHT THERE!!! Saying sh”t like lost her kids is making it sound like she didn’t deserve it!! And she didn’t lose them!!! They were never taken away from her that I know of!! When I was around her and her last husband A LOT during her family court **** and all her restraining orders she kept getting for harassment and stalking people…. so I know for a FACT that even though her kids were terrified of her, and did not want to have to go see her she still could have had them in weekends!!!!!!! How do I know this?? Well first off she told everyone I know that “” she won “” in family court and they gave her weekends back granted she did not drink 48 prior or 72 hours prior… something to that effect… prior to there weekend with her!! And that she not drink while they were with her!! And I think she had to do like AA meetings or outpatient rehab something like that!! ! Oh yeah I just remembered she also had to pee in a cup showing that she had not drank those 2 or 3 days before having them and **** the day after proving she did drink or use drugs while she had them and she was NOT happy about that and definitely was not willing to do that because even though she said she could go that long without alcohol we all know she couldn’t go that long sober!!!
        But because of those stipulations she never reached out to them and never called her kids after that suposed win in court! She had the kids dad bring them over either!! And I do remember her very first weekend with them again Jills mom and dad called Jill telling her that the kids and whoever took them to meet her for her to have the kids that weekend and her parents told Jill that the kids had been sitting and waiting for her for 2 fuking hours and want to know what Jill did instead??? She took a fuking shot of Vodka and never showed to grab them!!! Her very first weekwnd in months and she didn’t show up for them!!! If I remember correctly also…. during court she was allowed supervised visits for a few hours at some facility and she chose NOT to show up for her visits there either!!! So you see…. SHE HAD PLENTY OF TIME to make things right, work on having them forgive her maybe, and to just get her s&$t together! But she did NOTHING!!! Just turned into a bigger drunk, stalked that entire household so badly and just slandered her ex husband, his wife, and her own 3 kids!!! So she lost NOTHING!!! She actually backed out of seeing them because she couldn’t drink, and because she was obsessed with the kids dad!! Fighting to get her visitations and weekends back wasn’t because she wanted those kids but because she wanted control over there dad and she couldn’t handle that!!! She was obsessed with his life and couldn’t stand him moving on or not wanting to have anything ro do with crazy Jill anymore!!! !! It was NEVER about those kids it was always just a game for her!!! And now it sounds like she’s still just a pathetic lying manipulative drunk!! Nothing has changed!!! But in my opinion if you mentally abuse, emotionally abuse, or physically abuse children because you can’t control your liquor, are miserable bish, or anything else that entails being EVIL to your OWN KIDS….. that mom or dad does not get to call it a loss like they’re grieving not seeing there kids because parents like her do not deserve those kids they hurt!!! Especially if years later they STILL can’t own up to what they did!!!
        So don’t feel sorry for her !! And don’t wait for her rock bottom either!!! She does NOT have a rock bottom because she has been doing that same drunk sh”t FOREVER!!! She just likes to drink more than trying to get her life together or try to be a decent person!! She’s drowning in her own self pity she brought on all by herself!!! Selfish pity party where self pity is not deserved!!!
        I bought her bullshit to for a bit and believed her **** until it was VERY apparent she was just NUTS!!! And she was lying about everything so she could play victim!!! So I don’t speak to her anymore I actually cannot f uking stand her!! But I still keep in touch with her very last husband!! He patient man to had put up with a lot of sh&t for YEARS!! And even though she has made him sound like a abusive man but it was NOT him!!! She was the abuser in that relationship not him!!!! Any hands he placed on her was to stop her from her attacks!!! He NEVER once hit her!!! Just grabbed her to get her off of him!! She just enjoys spreading rumors ex’s !!!

        1. She still harasses and stalks them!!! She JUST RECENTLY probly not even a months ago sent HORRIBLE messages to one of her kids!! They came from jills niece’s account cuz the kids have jill blocked but everyone who’s seen the messages knows it was the BOTH of them sending hate messages!! Telling them to go **** off and that the kids were evil and ****!!! Haven’t seen the messages myself but heard all about it and I have no reason not to believe what the daughter says!!! So far jill and her can’t think for themselves groupies have proved over and over that they do this **** and the kids actually don’t message jill or them at all lashing out!!! Only hate comes from jill and her trolls!!! Oh yeah and thos hateful disgusting messages were sent of the daughters birthday!!! Like are you ******** me!!! They need to just get those restraining orders to keep jill and those trolls away from there attacks!!!

  10. This lardass doesn’t deserve him at all!! She cheats on him, she talks to other men ALL THE TIME, she treats him like garbage when she’s drunk, she’s an embarrassment, she’s fat, old, and ugly and she has no compassion or patience for children under the age of 17 period!!! I have seen her looks and her mind fu°•
    S games she plays on kids especially with little girls!!! She tries to make little girls hate there own biological mothers because Jills so damaged that her own ******* kids haven’t spoken one word to her in what I have been told by her in YEARS!! Oh because her kids are brainwashed!! Come on…. they’re not kids they are all clearly adults and if there was really no abuse they’d see her by now!!! But they hate her just as much as ever according to Jill herself!!! Plus I have heard the **** she says about her own kids, sometimes it’s sweet, and she says she misses them but then she gets hammered and just like her kids have described like down to the f&king tee…. it’s fu*k them pieces of ****, evil spawns, losers, there just like there dad evil wankers and so on!!! Oh and when she always says karma will get them…. like what??????? Really!!! You are wishing bad karma on your own 3 children. Adults or not they don’t deserve that **** from someone who was supposed to be nurturing and well mothering!!! It sounds like her ex husband was both their mother and father because Jill couldn’t get her **** together!!! And STILL can’t get her **** together!!! She a foul mouthed **** talking psychotic alcoholic!!! She talks **** about woman she calls her BEST FRIENDS!!! Like really ****** up ****!!!!

  11. Why are you guys this calling this old gentleman JILLIAN??? Its pretty obvious that this is a older man with a disability of some sort. Probably downsyndrome…..you can clearly see in the picture. And all you choose to make fun of him??? Not cool at ALL!!

  12. Well she’s definitely not mentally disabled in the terms of downsyndrom!! But definitely disabled by terms of mentaly psyco and water brain from alcohol brain damaged!!
    She’s just a fat ugly woman that looks 15 to 20 years older then she is because she doesn’t take care of herself by just drinks all the time every evening or afternoon and eats garbage!! That’s why she’s so overweight!!!

  13. ew….. she is so nasty i remember how she used to compare her self to every girl she was friends with and had always said how much pretier she was over all of them all the time!!! she loved herself so much and would call all of them fat just like she called me to fat to wear dresses but buy herself clothes when my dad gave her money to take me shopping and she’d spend it all on herself instead because she would call me fat to the point i wouldnt want to buy nothing any more!! so seeing her pictures and seeing how fat she got and people making fun of her being ugly and fat cracks me up!! she gets a taste if her own medacine!! i hope it makes her cry herself to sleep cuz i used to and it still bothers my head today she hurt’s self estemes so bad because she loved her self so much but now shes fat and ugly and nobody will marry her again and probably not only fat and ugly cuz shes such a crazy evil person!!

    1. So sorry to hear that.

  14. Her breath always smells like stagnant cigarettes, morning hangover stail booz, and dog diarrhea!! I made the mistake of kissing her a couple of times!! Granted we did drink pretty heavily the night before the first time we ****** around so I let that one slip but the time in my car when I met up with her before she went to work her breath actually smelled worse then the first time!! It actually stunk up my car!! I ciuld smell her breath with me head facing towards the windshield and she was talking at me from my side!! That’s how potent her breath is!!! Impressively BAD breath!!! So I made sure there was never a 3rd!! Bad hygiene!! If she wasn’t so overweight, old looking for her actual age and had hair that didn’t look like or feel like straw, or if her skin on her face wasn’t so jacked up, and if her teeth weren’t florescent yellow, then maybe I’d deal with the bad breath!! But she’s got to many strikes against her looks to even consider a 3rd chance!! And she likes me A LOT!!! Like borderline obsessed with me!!! Even with a man on her arm she begs me for **** pics every couple of weeks!!! Says it’s not cheating it’s just looking!! I doubt she’d be saying that if it was her dude was getting ****** and titty pics!!

  15. She is pathetic. Waste of time and a ****.

  16. Bet the fat ***** ate a whole 10 lb corned beef and a gallon of jameson all yo her fat pathetic self!!! wears her kiss my i’m irish get-up and still nobody wants to touch those herpy lips!!! fat *** ******** breath!!!

  17. So sorry your girlfriend is a ******** bad breath who drinks Jameson. Maybe you should leave her and get on with your life. Btw, maybe when you post you should make more sense when writting a post. I think you, who wrote this needs to go to bed and stop posting.

    1. Huh??? I couldn’t understand YOUR post!! You should probably go to bed and stop posting Jill!! But I’m guessing you were drunk typing and that’s why you make no sense!!! That and you’re dumb as **** Jillian Walsh!!!!!

      1. 👏👏👏👏👏

  18. I just looked her up on facebook and she really did change ALOT!!! She has to be the only person from our graduating class who changed to that drastically UGLY!!! We saw her when she was in her 30’s at a bar and she wasn’t that bad!! But now!!! Only like 11 years later she totally wrecked herself!!! She’s so OLD looking!!!! And so BIG!!! And definitely not cute!!! Wow!!!! She has changed!!!

  19. Doesn’t suprise me she’s a child abuser!! She never knew how to be a mother!!! She walked out on those kids of hers when they were really young because partying and being a trashy ***** drunk was more important then being a mom to those kids!! Obviously she should’ve stayed gone cuz it sounds like she came back only to be a nasty mean drunk to them!!!!

  20. Came back? What do you mean she came back? I have seen pictures of her and a young girl. If she is back, than who the **** is that young girl in the pictures with Jill that jill posts.? Is that pore child another young victim of Jill’s crazy, ****** up, mental life and if so I feel sorry for that young beautiful soul.

    1. I meant she came back in there lives later on when they were like adolescents when she got remarried. She came back and tried to be a mom for a few years but instead she just mind ****** them and from what they have said beat on them!!!
      Then they stopped seeking her or talking to her in like there high school years and still won’t speak or see her to this day!!!
      Not sure about the other young girl you aee talking about. I have not seen any picture!!!!

  21. Jill at work be like ‘ I’m about to be rich with all this money my mom and daddy are leaving me cuz I’m the baby and the favorite’ Me at work be like ‘ she about to clean out every *** **** liquor shelf in every store in town with those coins dammit!!!!! ‘ Also I at work be like ‘ i hope they don’t let her near any of the life support machines or breathing machine things cuz she gonna turn her back like she seen not seen nothin!

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