McAlisters Deli — Horrible food

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I am pure vegetarian and I order 4 veggie sandwiches. What ever topic we ask they did not put in sandwiches except only cucumbers tomatoes and olives that’s all items in sandwiches they put. Also I found some ham pieces in my 3 sandwiches so I have to throw all my sandwiches. I was planning to go back but I was far away from that place . I ask for spring mix onions spinach and etc. but I did not get in any of my sandwiches. I spend $32 for four sandwiches and I wasted my money. I want my money back. And I would not go back that place again and tell all my co workers not to go that place. I want my money back. My name is Bhavna patel and my number is (314) 600-8847.

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