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Gabriela Rozalia — Fake Backstabbing c**t

you’ve probably heard of this disgusting looking ferret because everybody in Kelowna and more knows of her. If you don’t this is Gabriela Rozalia. There is so much wrong with this poor girl but I’ll keep it simple. If you think she seems nice and are thinking of becoming friends with her, don’t. She is […]

Aisha Saito, Toronto ON — Cheater & Homewrecker

Aisha Saito is a cheater/homewrecker, narcissist and emotional abuser. She was manipulating me and trying to break down my mental health (she succeeded), and make me jealous (she says she hates when other people make her feel jealous). And I found out she was cheating on me, when I confronted her about it she acted […]

I don’t know or care — Mia Ruggiero

Take both of these posts down before you assist in an actual physical altercation and get sued for slander. Whoever created this entire site is worthless, likely single and feeling better about themselves by allowing cowards to bully others. You should be ashamed of yourselves, and the people who utilize this site are just under […]

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