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Brent Carleton — Benbrook, Texas

this guy is totally f****d in the head. we met about a year ago by the pool. we really hit it off. a few weeks later we were talking about hour worst sexual experiences and he said:” When I f****d my sister and she gave me crabs”. I’m like WHAT THE F**K! YOU F****D YOUR […]

Lizz Holmes — New York

Lizz is an extremely chemically unstable, violent, alcoholic. She is the daughter of semi-famous, quite rich, hotelier Colgate Holmes of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels. She can be very loving and extremely sexual. In fact the danger is that the s*x is beyond p**n level fantastic. The problem is that she is a nasty hallucanating drunk with […]

Brandon Windisch — Boise, Idaho

He may live with his father, or his mother, who have taught Brandon very well how to have relationships. This person has broken into past girlfriends’ homes; has admitted to having friends only for what they “can do for me;” will not hold a job; steals from his own mother and anyone else he sees […]

Clint Brusard

This man is a liar and cheater and player, This man has lied to me. If you are looking for a good lay, he is your guy. If you want to have a real conversation, I’m sure you can find a bug or a brick or something nice and smarter than he is to talk […] — PayPal freezes my account

I am a verified member with good standing, a few weeks ago I sold a laptop computer over on eBay, the buyer filed a complaint (don’t know why), I email Paypal the tracking# that shows the package is been delivered, De Paypal still freezes my account, the transaction involves $1200, I have $1800 in my […]

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