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Anna Magee — Anna Magee criminal charges for stalking

Anna Magee has received criminal charges and an apprehended domestic violence protection order for committing ongoing criminal stalking which has been taking place for over a year. Anna Magee is at Picton Local Court on 24 November 2021 for this matter. Anna Magee has been criminally charged for domestic violence/stalking, harassment and intimidation. Anna Magee […]

Megan Lilly krumwiede — Smelly c&$ dumpster

This dumb h** has cheated on every man she’s ever been with and has herpes and does not tell anyone she has it and will continue to sleep around she has kids she can’t even take care of because d*** is way more important court cases it’s 2021 and she now lives in Fargo North […]


TAMPA BEWARE OF THIS DISGUSTING *****. I matched w her a while back. She was so easy to get with and complimented tf outta me so i was in for it and gave in.FML BIG MISTAKE. I asked her about STDs BEFORE *** and she said she was clean. ***** WHY DID YOU NOT DISCLOSE […]

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