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Opodo — Still owed money

I booked a flight for departure from 9 June to 8 July 2021. However, contacted OPODO on 16 May to change the date to 8 February 2022 as the ticket permitted changes. After a week no reply from OPODO contacted them and was told they are still waiting for the airline to change. Al this […]

Cash App — Stole my moneyActive Company

The workers at cashapp make fake accounts Posing as people you know and you request for your money back and they don’t give it back they took over 500 dollars from me something needs to be done it’s a lot more people that had this same issue with cashapp stealing money from people cashapp needs […]

Green Dot Bank — Account takeoverActive Company

Had account takeover. They requested an email with a driver’s license and utility bill. I sent it ly. Never received my refund. Called today and they tell me they can’t open the pdf files. I asked for a supervisor and she said resubmit and wait for the check. It’s been 3 months and this is […]

Shoppers Drug Mart — Vaccine booster

I called first before I come and ask for requirement ls for booster they just said ohip only so i came with ohip only, and now this pharmacy name Stephanie asking for a letter of employment, I did tell her I don’t have the latest letter of employment, I have old and it says personal […]

Arbys — Quality and wrong order

About a week ago we were at Arby’s and I used a coupon to order the Classic Cheddar and beef on an onion bun instead I got a plain roast beef on a seeded bun. I had to pick the seeds off the top bun because I cannot have them. I was very disappointed. Did […]

CubeSmart — Water damage

I have wet stains on my boxes and mold on my sheets in my storage unit. I didn’t leave my storage unit in that way. I also have two televisions in there and so I don’t know where the water came from. I couldn’t tell they were damaged because on the outside they seemed fine. […]

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