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The Salvation Army — Discrimination

The staff is a couple dating. They are both caucasian. We are American Indians. Most residents are caucasian. They have both harassed my family, provided unfair treatment, unsanitary living conditions during COVID. Take cigarette breaks together every half hour, leaving residents at door waiting to be let inside. Huddling each other outside. Threatening me by […]

The Salvation Army — Rude and unprofessional

I walked into the Salvation Army in Douglas ga hoping to get help just as I was told over the phone but instead, the lady (Mrs privet)was very disrespectful. I was there with my 2 toddler children and she was loud and very rude to me..telling me that their under staff and they will not […]

Couryah — Poor service

I am a senior citizen. At a vulnerable age for contracting the Covid-19 virus. Have difficulty with moving around specifically bending over. Well I made arrangements on how to & where to deliver the groceries. all agreed that was fine. The young East Indian delivery person arrives , no mask on & as soon as […]

Wish — Failure to deliver orderActive Company

On the 5th of June 2021,I ordered two items from Wish.Com that amounted to R90.They deducted the amount from my account and told me my order would arrive to South Africa by September but it’s November now and I still haven’t gotten my order nor any communication from them.I just want my money back! Refund […]

Netflix — Debit Card Payment DeclinedActive Company

It’s very strange that my debit card payment has been processed today after being rejected by Netflix a few days ago for the first time in three years, despite the fact that the card is valid and all other payments on the card have been processed without issue. Two agents from the call centre insisted […]

General Motors — Water Damage, 2017 Buick Cascada

October 78, 2021 I carried my automobile to the dealership for damage caused to my vehicle as a result of a clogged drain tube. I was experiencing extreme emotronic issues and my car was full of water. They have had my car for over 5 weeks. On November12, they attempted to return my vehicle to […]

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