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Dollar General — Store is filthy poor management

The store in Negaunee is filthy. Nothing is on the shelves, I went in there today and they had 4 full aisles totally blocked off by huge racks filled with boxes. You couldn’t get down them at all. 4 other aisles had racks blocking the end of the aisles so you could only go down […]

Despegar — Money refund

I bought a $3,600 flight ticket from the USA to Brazil last year and the company cancel my flight. I tried to recover my money many times and no way. I`ve tried to use my open ticket many times, and no way. It is ridiculous. I want my money back. Refund my money… It`s about […]

Wish — Money debited from my accountActive Company

I opened the account 3 days ago but ever since then Wish has been taking debiting money from my bank account though I did not order anything….I would like to close the account with immediate effect, please

Aisha Saito, HR Advisor, Toronto, Ontario Canada — Aisha Saito, HR Advisor, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Aisha was involved in an HR misconduct case at our firm in Toronto. On multiple occasions she filed for reimbursement from her flexible spending account for items that she never purchased. And she routinely flouted the flexible spending account rules and regulations by allowing employees to exceed the legal limit for deposits and by permitting […]

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