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Facebook — Locked my account

My account was locked because they allegedly said that my account was hacked by an individual. Then I went to try to answer some questions to get the issue resolved and the page won’t appear up and it keeps buffering. So now I can’t answer questions to get the problem resolved. Facebook or rather they […]

Activision — Account Banned for no reason

Activision banned my Call of Duty Cold War Game Account for no reason. They accused me of being cheating while playing the game. I was NOT Cheating. I don’t cheat, and I don’t like cheaters. I was playing the game in an honest way. I need my account back. This is not fair. They need […]

Ripoff list — Liars

Y’all are bringing up BakednNakeds past just because she didn’t send you ppl a *** pic. Y’all say she’s back on drugs which she’s not. It’s not surprising that y’all don’t know what a person on drugs looks like. They would be skinny with sores on their faces arms, chest etc… YALL have nothing better […]

Let’s Roam — Do not get them your credit card info

I was haggled into buying into a monthly membership for let’s roam and when I called to cancel at first they told me to call another number that I could never get a hold of and left a voicemail and didn’t hear back for quite some time. I called back to the same customer service […]

Firenza Stone — Very poor installation

We purchased counter-tops for our home from Firenza Stone. They delivered them to us and installed them but the installation was not done properly leaving huge gaps from the back-splash to the wall. They are refusing to fix the issues from the poor installation. We have contacted the owner personally who was extremely rude and […]

Piece of Cake Moving — Do Not Hire These People!

Listen to all the negative reviews. DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE! We hired this company to move a long distance out of state. When they came to get out stuff they were over an hour later than they said then they took an extremely long time to move and didn’t get out until about 10:30. […]

Videotron — Worst and worst every time

Worst and worst every time, they removed all the deals that were accepted to stay with them and get back to the same starting point without any communication. Not acceptable that Videotron does not share any communication when any changes a made on the billing statement. Videotron 612 Saint Jacques Street, 8th Floor, Tower South […]

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