Pratik Trivedi Reviews & Complaints: Pratik Trivedi cheater liar in Chicago, Indianapolis, California and New Yo

Let’s go back 3 years. Swipe, swipe, swipe. Run into a new face on the NYC Indian dating scene on Hinge.
5’8. 35 years old. Owns his own company.
    He says that he lives in a pretty posh neighborhood in NYC and also lives in Chicago. Ok, you have my interest.
    Talk to him and the boy says he splits his time between the two coasts and Chicago for åhis business. He continues to go on about how he owns a real estate development business and has a project in NYC that he is working on so he will be here a lot more than he already is. Ok. Keep talking.
    One thing you learn in the land of pretenders and investment bros who have ******* on every corner is that you research before giving up your time.
    Reverse photo searches are the equivalent to a LBD for every single girl in NYC. This guy is as stupid as he is ugly and he is really ugly (google him because he used the best pictures he has ever taken in his life for his 2 profile pictures.) I did a quick reverse search of his picture and found him on the internet which led to his last name, which led to his facebook page and get this everyone; which led me to his girlfriend.
    She is pretty, smart, and accomplished but stupid, desperate, or both for dating this ugly liar who looks like he crawled out of a cave. Unlucky for the loser, I found the girlfriend’s contact information and sent her screenshots of the conversations with him, she was not happy. Women have to have each other’s backs in the world of dogs where even losers who look like they crawled out of a cave are dawging and playing us. Trolls be gone.
    I start confronting him and this loser confesses that he doesn’t even live in New York and that he does have a girlfriend, that he isn’t 35, that he rounds up on height (must be by a few inches because there is no way he is 5’8 more like 5’6), and all of a sudden; deletes his dating profile in NYC as I am going off on him. Rude.
    Take your penance little booooy. He doesn’t even own a business but works for his mommy and daddy at motels. You are not an entrepreneur, you get an allowance from your parents to pretend to be the boss. Can you be any sleezier? Caught. In. The. Act.    This is where most who have been caught grow a brain and slither back into hiding. My girls and I send this guy’s screenshot and info to everyone we know. My college friend in Chicago sends me screenshots of this loser who took no time at all to open multiple accounts on tinder, coffee meets bagel, hinge, shaadi, match, dil mil and bumble in Chicago with a different name, age, height, and job but the same ugly caveman face. Like dude, have some class instead of sending likes and swipes and flowers to every girl. You were caught in New York. You were caught in Chicago. Your girlfriend knows. Case closed. But no. 
    But this guy is so stupid that he keeps cheating on her. We catch him on so many different apps over the past 3 years and he keeps sending the same girls likes; at least don’t be that desperate where you don’t even remember our faces. Keep checking the girlfriend’s page and she keeps posting pictures of them together. She must be as stupid and desperate as he is to put up with him. 
    Get this, she is stupider than we thought because we warned this girl so many times and she decided the cheater was worth marrying? Another girl snitched on him, so it gave me the idea to write my own for the girls in NYC. Don’t women know that they never stop cheating on you? If he cheated on you when you were his girlfriend, he will cheat on you when you are his finacee, he will cheat on you as his wife, and he will cheat on you when you are pregnant with his baby. This guy knew he was caught in the larger cities so he goes to Indianapolis to cheat? Like nah boo, even the redneck girls don’t want your lies. Girls start reporting him in Indianapolis.    Clap. Clap. Fast forward to this year where the loser is back to looking for girls but instead his game is to add girls on Instagram and stupid starts following me. Yo dude, we don’t all look the same. Remember the girls who have already rejected you! But they must be in the hundreds that he is just so desperate that he keeps swiping and sending likes and trying to slide in DMs. Take your thirsty *** out of my DM. Sliding into DMs only works if you are hot and boo, you are not!    This dude has multiple complaints about him in different cities and it even looks like he tried to write a fake rebuttle. HA. You are done for man. No fake Reena is sticking up for your monkey face. You have been cheating on the same girl for at least 3 to 5 years. You were caught, weighed and found guilty and sentenced to end up alone Pratik, Patrick, or whatever you are calling yourself today cause you are just plain old pathetic. Seems like your momma named you right since Pratik rhymes with Pathetic. Maybe remember the faces you send likes and invites to. No one wants you sliding into their DM or sliding anywhere else if you know what I mean. How many women have to come forward before you and she realize what you are? Girlfriend, file for divorce and get checked for STDs because I am guessing with a face like that, he has to pay for his pleasures. 

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