Swiss Chalet — Rude waitress

At 5:00pm As a family we sat down at the table. I had my silverware dropped on the table hard by the waitress. Then i don’t know if she had a hard time hearing as I had to told her my order three times and because she kept on repeating herself. What is your sides for your hamburger. I had a small issue with my bill and she was very rude with her response and as i said i had no problem with the bill. She said you really do have a problem. I was very insulted by her and was always polite. She came off as angry, very rude, and bothered by me for what reason. I have no idea i have a complaint the the people at my table also observed and we feel she was rude and had bad demeanor. I will not return to this restaurant and will let others know to avoid coming to this location. Very bad customer service. This women should not be working as a waitress if she is upset or has conflicts with paying customers.
Food was great service very terrible

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